A Guide on how to start your Natural hair Journey.

If you have decided to go natural, then there two ways you can choose to start your natural hair journey; one is starting off with a big chop and the other is transitioning.

Big Chop

This entails cutting your hair and starting your hair journey with entirely new growth. It is argued by some that this method is much better because you get to learn more about your hair and can treat pre-existing scalp infections resulting from the use of relaxers. Although this method may not be convenient for those who don’t know how to handle really short hair, it is a very good way to start.


Here the new growths are allowed to emanate without cutting the old damaged hair at first. These saves you the stress of dealing with an extremely short hair but since the new growth has a different texture you may experience little difficulty in combing or styling your hair. After a period of 1year to 2 years (depending on how long you want to go) you a get a mini chop, cutting off the relaxed/damaged part of the hair entirely.

However it should be noted that none of these methods have a better effect on hair growth or health. They both are healthy ways to go natural. Nevertheless, no matter the method you wish to start with you need the following:

Leave-in conditioner

Hair oils e.g coconut oil and castor oil

Big tooth comb

Hair clips

Non-sulphate shampoo

Styling gel

Curl defining cream

Finally, try not to listen to what people have to say because they will definitely have a lot to say about your new look. Keeping your will strong and your eyes on the price you will definitely achieve your hair goals.

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